What is the Street Elephants Alert (SEA) project about?

The “Street Elephants Alert” project (SEA) promotes and supports the laws against the cruelty of elephants being made to beg on the streets in the cities. Our main objective is to raise awareness of the problems of these elephants to the Thai community, so that they can help sick elephants that encounter city accidents.  We also want citizens to think twice before feeding the street elephants because this will lead to even more elephants being forced to beg on the streets. Most importantly, we are now part of the Thai Government’s Chang Yim project as of 31st of October 2009. We have also donated 37,000 baht (through selling our T-shirts and pins) to the Chang Yim project (on the 28th of January 2010), in order to support their funding of reallocating elephants from the cities back to the wild in July 2010.

Who are the founders of SEA?

Mint is the founder of the project and Xinning is the co-founder.