Our inspirations for the project:


I was inspired to create this project after experiencing a particular incident in the past. Because there is no definite law against street elephants in certain provinces near Bangkok, lots of elephants walk around the area where I live in. One day, I saw a baby elephant walking with a man on the streets. The poor elephant was trying to break free from the rope that its owner had chained to its neck. It tried to stop walking but its owner kept hitting and pulling it with the rope so that it will bulge. I was surprised that the elephant had to "beg on the streets" despite being only a baby elephant. I quickly went and brought a bag of sugarcane from the mahout and started a conversation with him asking him the reason why he brought his elephant into the city. I also asked him how old was the elephant and it stunned me when I heard that it was only 2 years old. Being curious, I went back, researched and found out that the only time the baby elephant is supposed to be separated from its mother is when it turns 4-5 years old. But from what I just saw it was merely 2 years old. From this experience, I started to research more about the different stories and problems behind the reality. With this reason, it told me that I should do something to help out.


When I first came to Bangkok, I remember being surprised at seeing an elephant walking around the urbanized streets. I even wanted to feed the elephant, but the only food I was allowed to give the elephant was the food that the owners (or the mahouts) were selling. I was young and did not understand the true and sad story of these elephants. However as I grew older, I began to read news about elephants having accidents on the streets because they were led dangerously across the road by their mahouts. I realized that elephants should not be in the cities at all, they should be free in their natural habitat, which is the forest, where there is no pollution, stress or anything potential dangers that may hinder them. They should also not be misused to beg on the streets or be mistreated by their mahouts. Thus, I was inspired to commit my time and effort into this project I have co-created because I hope to make a difference to the lives of these elephants.